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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

May 28, 2023
How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Severe dental decay and tooth loss are significant oral health issues that can affect both a patient’s confidence and their wellness. Fortunately, if you’re missing a tooth, or if a tooth is in danger due to a large cavity, or large filling, your dentist might offer several treatment options.

One potential option they may consider is a dental crown. When discussing this option with your dentist, feel free to ask questions. For example, before concluding that a dental crown is the proper treatment for your needs, you might want to find out how long a dental crown lasts. 

The best way to learn more about this topic is to speak with a professional. That said, the following general overview should help you better understand the basic factors affecting a dental crown’s lifespan.

What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a type of false or replacement tooth. Common materials a dental crown may consist of include zirconia, porcelain, gold, and other durable materials. A dentist can choose which type of dental crown best suits your needs.

If a patient is missing a tooth, a dental crown may cover a dental implant. The result is a false tooth that looks and functions like a real one.

A dentist may also recommend installing a dental crown over an existing tooth. For instance, if significant decay threatens the health of a tooth, a dental crown may serve to cover and preserve it.

What is the Lifespan of a Dental Crown?

A dentist can’t guarantee your dental crown will stay in good condition for a specific length of time. Various factors, from the material a dental crown consists of to the health of your gums and other such tissues, can influence a dental crown’s lifespan.

However, according to research in the journal General Dentistry, approximately 50% to 80% of dental crowns last between 15 and 20 years. Thus, a dental crown may offer a relatively long-term solution to a missing or decaying tooth.

Factors Affecting a Dental Crown’s Lifespan

Again, how long a dental crown remains in good shape can depend on several factors. Noteworthy examples of such factors include the following:

  • Oral hygiene habits: It’s always important to stay on top of your dental and oral hygiene. Doing so is key to guarding against dental decay, gum disease, and more. Additionally, practicing good dental hygiene can help preserve the tissues that support a dental crown, extending its lifespan as a result.
  • Regular visits with your dentist: Most adults should see their dentist at least once every six months. Scheduling regular dental check-ups may be particularly important if you have a dental crown. Your dentist can monitor the crown’s condition and potentially address any issues they notice. 
  • A proper diet: A nutritious and balanced diet plays a critical role in your dental and oral health. If you have a crown, it’s also wise to avoid eating hard and sticky foods whenever possible. These foods could damage a crown over time.

Patients with dental crowns should also strive to refrain from habits that can wear away at their crowns. For example, you shouldn’t use your teeth to open tough bags or other such packages, nor should you grind your teeth. If you play contact sports, wear a mouthguard.

Dental Crowns Can Last for Years

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits and coordinating with your dentist will optimize the lifespan of a dental crown. Remember, you don’t have to live with a missing or decaying tooth. With a dental crown, you could enjoy a natural and healthy smile for years to come.

Learn More About Dental Crowns in Fort Collins, Colorado

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