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Same Day Emergency Dental Procedures in Fort Collins

Same Day Crowns
Fort Collins Dental Center provides same day emergency restorations in Fort Collins, CO. Call 970-482-1477 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Are Same-Day Emergency Procedures?

Some dental problems need immediate attention. Even if many of these issues are not considered true emergencies, same-day treatment helps to relieve discomfort and may save your teeth. 

Benefits of Same-Day Emergency Procedures

  • Convenience
  • Receive urgent treatment in a familiar setting
  • Pain relief
  • Improve chewing ability
  • Preserving your oral health
  • Stopping infections from spreading
  • Improving your appearance

Same-Day Emergency Procedures Offered

Emergency Dentistry. Our practice offers emergency dentistry services for problems like knocked-out teeth, broken teeth, abscesses, and extractions.

Root Canal. A tooth needing a root canal may cause severe pain and sensitivity. Having the opportunity for quick relief can let you relax, sleep, and eat again without trouble.

Extractions.  Teeth that are too damaged to be repaired sometimes need to be extracted. Teeth may also need extraction in cases where the patient needs a dental implant.

Bone Graft. A bone graft often becomes necessary when a patient needs a dental implant. A missing tooth causes the jawbone to deteriorate, and a bone graft supports it while it grows. 

Dental Implants. Many people believe doctors can't place dental implants in one day, but with our Full Arch system, you can receive an entire arch of implants in just one procedure. This procedure does not require as much bone volume as regular single-tooth dental implants, so they are available to more patients.

Why Choose Fort Collins Dental Center?

Our office provides same-day services for your convenience. We provide both urgent dental care and emergency dental care. Our friendly, compassionate staff will take care of your concerns and ensure your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Same-Day Procedures

How long does a dental implant last?
Dental implants last for many years. The implant post itself may last a lifetime, though the crown or denture on top may need periodic replacement due to wear and tear.
Is a root canal painful?
Today, a root canal is a comfortable procedure. Most patients say that it is no worse than getting a regular filling. It is a more extended procedure than a filling so you may have some jaw discomfort afterward. This problem will pass quickly. Putting off a root canal could spread the infection inside your tooth to its neighbors. Your tooth will feel much better after you receive a root canal, and you will protect your oral health.
How long does a bone graft have to heal before you can place a dental implant?
Bone grafts must heal for at least three months before placing a dental implant. The rate of bone growth depends on the individual, and the dentist will check your progress.
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